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Heater Core Replacement Newport News, Hampton, Yorktown.


Hot coolant passing through the heater core gives off heat before returning to the engine cooling circuit. The fan for the vehicle's ventilation system forces air through the heater core to transfer heat from the coolant to the cabin air, which is directed into the vehicle through vents at various points.


You might be wondering what the heck a heater core is, what it does, and how it can affect your vehicle. These are all great questions, and we’re going to get you some quick and easy answers so you can get your car fixed ASAP.


What Is a Heater Core?


It’s part of the car’s cooling system. It looks exactly like the mini-me version of your radiator, and is, in fact, a small radiator itself, with a grid of little tubes and a waffled appearance from the fins that disperse the heat. Your heater core allows your heater and defroster to function.


What Does a Heater Core Do?


Your heater core circulates coolant through the little tubes; the coolant comes in through one heater hose and out the other, radiating heat into your cabin so you don’t freeze on those cold winter mornings. It's also responsible for allowing your defroster to function properly, and it's linked into the air conditioning system, which is organized around similar principles.


Where Is the Heater Core Located?


Your heater core is usually behind your dashboard, under the center or the passenger side. It will have some sort of casing or housing and is usually buried behind almost every other component of the dashboard.


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