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Automotive Manufactures


Automotive manufactures have performed testing on your make and model of vehicle and have determined on average certain fluids or parts will fail or begin to fail at or around the mileage they have recommended your maintenance services to be performed.
Your vehicle manufacturer created a detailed Maintenance Schedule outlining specific operation to be performed on various components & systems; these auto repair services are done at different mileage intervals to ensure proper operation & prevent premature wear.
If these services or fluids are performed too late then the fluids will break down and not protect the metal parts they are trying to protect. The old adage of don't fix it till its broken does not apply to fluids. By the time you can see a fluid has failed the metal they protect has already began to wear. Once metal becomes fatigued or worn small metal dust fragments mix in the fluid and get tossed around like fine sandpaper stripping away more and more metal until complete part failure occurs.
Unfortunately, most manufacturers only provide maintenance guidelines for the first 100,000 miles or so. Once your vehicle passes the 100,000 mile mark, it is time to have it thoroughly evaluated to determine the right maintenance course.
The reliability of a vehicle after the first 100,000 miles is directly dependent upon how well the vehicle was maintained during its first 100,000 miles. Most of today vehicles are built to go at least 200,000 miles many go almost 500,000 miles when correctly maintained.



Vehicle manufacturers know that a properly maintained vehicle will be more dependable, safer, last longer, & increase your satisfaction with their product. Auto makers and owners also have a responsibility to make sure emission controls receive regular service & are functioning properly. Regular vehicle maintenance helps accomplish these goals by keeping your engine running efficiently & eliminating potential problems that may leave you stranded, or stuck with an expensive repair bill.


When you keep up with maintenance


1. Saves you money!
2. A more dependable vehicle!
3. A vehicle that retains more "new vehicle feel."
4. Less chance of a costly breakdown.
5. A safer vehicle for you and your family.
6. Doing your part for cleaner air.
7. A car worth more at trade in or sale!
8. An intact warranty.





• Coolant System Flush or Fill
• Tune-up Professionals, Spark Plugs, Distributer Cap, Ignition Coil, Air, Fuel, Cabin Filters
• Fuel Injection Service, Fuel Injection Cleaning | Today's Tune Up
• Brake Fluid Flush
• Transmission Fluid Flush, Service, Repair, Drain & Fill
• Power Steering Fluid Flush
• Rotate & Balance Tires, Tire Wear, Tire Noise, Tire Chopping
• Replace Fuel Filter
• Change Standard Transmission Fluid- Clutch Fluid
• Change Transfer Case Fluid
• Change Differential Fluid

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